Red caviar

There are two types of red caviar. The first grade means that the salt content in the can does not exceed 4%. The second grade allows a salt content of up to 8%. In the store you can find caviar of various types of fish belonging to the salmon family. It differs in color, egg size, taste and price. The most common is pink salmon caviar.

Red caviar

Why is natural red caviar useful? According to connoisseurs, "fish eggs" are very rich in protein, which is easily absorbed by the body, as well as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids. There are all the elements that the human body needs to maintain health and youth.

Salmon caviar

It is easiest to buy it in the store, the production of this product is set on a "grand scale", since pink salmon is very prolific. The eggs have a diameter of 5 mm, they are bright orange, and their taste is neutral.

Red Caviar is a tasty and healthy product that for most people is a symbol of wealth and luxury. Not a single New Year can do without sandwiches with red caviar, they buy it for other holidays. No wonder, because caviar can turn even an ordinary dinner into a real celebration. However, this product appears on the tables of Russians quite rarely. Red Caviar is expensive and difficult to choose.

red caviar

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