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Physiotherapy is a method of treating various diseases using various physical factors, such as heat, cold, electric current, magnetic UV and IR radiation, as well as using therapeutic mud, massage, hirudotherapy, etc.

Physiotherapy clinic "Momentum" recommend using physiotherapy as a prophylaxis for diseases, as it helps to strengthen the immune system and activates important biochemical processes in the body. Edmonton physiotherapy clinic evidence based innovative care, great skill set for proven successful outcomes, service excellence and friendly atmosphere.

A physiotherapist is a doctor, a specialist in the field of clinical medicine, who is engaged in the prevention and treatment of various diseases using physical therapy edmonton methods of influencing the body - physiotherapy. The use of physiotherapeutic procedures in combination with classical drug treatment regimens have a positive effect on the general condition of the patient in the absence of contraindications and accelerate the healing process.

Elements of physiotherapy have been used in primitive society in various tribes of South Africa. The practice of this procedure, its methods, for example, massage, are mentioned in literary sources for millennia BC. The ancient Chinese treatise not only describes in detail the techniques of massage, but also attempts to identify their therapeutic actions, contains instructions on when to apply superficial techniques, and in which deep ones.

Recently, physiotherapy treatments are being used more and more often. As a rule, they are prescribed in combination with other methods of treatment. This allows the patient to recover in a shorter time after the illness and return to a full life.

There are a huge number of different physiotherapy procedures, so a physiotherapist develops an individual treatment regimen in each case. At the same time, he assesses the presence of indications and contraindications, the general condition of the patient and the need for this procedure at a certain stage of the disease.

One of the most important advantages of physical methods of treatment is the versatility of their action, due to which one and the same factor can be used for a wide variety of diseases. An equally important advantage of physiotherapy is its physiology.

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